Good Question is a technique derived from the cognitive interview which is widely used in the UK to draw out crucial evidence from vulnerable witnesses.

Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill was a consultant clinical psychologist for adults with intellectual disabilities from 1989 to 2012 and modified the cognitive interview for consent after researching it for her Master’s degree in forensic psychology. She has trained social workers, carers, doctors  nurses, clinical researchers, and lawyers in the technique since 1999. Her publication list is here and LinkedIn profile here.

Dr Elizabeth Scott-Gliba is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in eating disorders, mental health, and intellectual disabilities and trained in the Good Question technique with Dr Conboy-Hill.  She has since provided training to many groups of multi-disciplinary professionals. Her LinkedIn profile is here.

Both worked for the intellectual disability service in Brighton and Hove under the auspices of South Downs Health NHS Trust and then Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust while elaborating this technique, and frequently acted as experts to the Courts in matters of evidence and capacity.

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