Videos – the background

On May 22nd, we spent the afternoon at Brighton university’s media centre studio, making the video. So, with thanks to the two Marks (cameras and mixing desk), Keith and Mikey (interviewee and Grace Eyre journalist for the day), and Kathy (support worker), everything is in the can and ready for editing.

We made two separate films. The first shows an interview for consent to participate and we used the filming itself for this. Both Keith and Mikey had already consented to being filmed and they knew this was ‘pretend’. This video will be of interest mostly to researchers who have quite particular requirements for their participants and usually use a specially written information leaflet.

Then we filmed the interview for consent to a hospital procedure. We used a decision aid leaflet from Patients UK that both our participants had been able to work with prior to the session. It describes the options for Tennis Elbow – a condition we thought would be quite neutral and not embarrassing to talk about. We also made sure to say, several times, that the interviewee would not be having any treatment because this was ‘pretend’ for the video. Keith was very clear that his elbows are fine and nothing was going to happen because this was a ‘fake’.

When the films are ready – and our participants have had a chance to see themselves on screen – we will put them on a dedicated YouTube channel with a link from this page. Comments will be disabled but we have a Facebook page and a twitter account, @GQinterview, so there can be conversations about Good Question and how it works.

We were very lucky to have the expert support of the media centre at Brighton university for filming and editing,  and the Grace Eyre Foundation for supporting our volunteers.

And finally …

We worried about making sure we got our consent to film properly nailed down, then Keith told us he was going to be skydiving to raise money for the Special Olympics and Mikey said he’d decided to do it as well! Looks like a bit of filming was small beer to these fellas!

We couldn’t resist a bit of hamming it up when we discovered what backgrounds could be put on the green screen behind us. Seems the Tardis might be involved, and some outer space, maybe!