Almost there

Looks like we have all the furniture in place, which wasn’t a given as some seemed to have got lost in transit. Turned out it was actually just hidden under a pile of old packaging and needed hauling back up to the surface for air! Next step, our proper address which shouldn’t be long.

We’ve already had visitors to whom we say sorry that the place wasn’t fully open, we hope you’ll come back now everything is labelled and ready for inspection.

Suzanne Conboy-Hill


We’re moving house!

After some years on a traditional website, we’re on the move. While the traditional platform is stable and reliable, it isn’t very responsive. Updating is more complicated than things need to be, and conversations there are impossible. WordPress is a different animal; an agile one that sometimes doesn’t behave the way you expect but always delivers flexibility and a capacity to respond. We’ll be bringing the domain name over shortly.

You may find some missing links; bear with us, we’ll find them and put them back. Some couldn’t be applied until the site went live so watch out for potholes!

I sincerely hope you find this site useful. It’s based on many years training and experience working with adults whose capacity to give consent to their own treatment has so frequently been denied them. The interview protocol is based on the Cognitive Interview (references elsewhere on the site) and has been tested in Courts of Law with positive outcomes.

All the resources are free to access and use. None of them will compromise the paperwork any professional is obliged to use for capacity assessments; they will help them complete that paperwork with information that is more reliable, more accurate, and more representative of the voice of the interviewee than other techniques can allow.

Good luck – let us know how it goes!

Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill